I’m still alive, but

…this blog isn’t really, as I’m sure you can tell. Posting regularly was actually quite a bit of work, and after a full year went by without more than two uniques on the same day, I wasn’t able to motivate myself to keep it up any longer, especially since Luminous Pretense had somehow become mostly an art blog and I’m not actually much of a visual artist.

So. The blog is dead… but death need not be the end. I promise you this, O hypothetical audience: someday… maybe even soon… Luminous Pretense shall return from it’s grave, as an undead creature like it’s creator*, stranger and more powerful than it was in life.

Beware, hypothetical readers. We shall return.


(In the meantime, some of my music can be found here.)


* Am I claiming to be undead for the purpose of humor… or is it secretly the truth? The answer to that question is ‘yes’.


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