The Palamedes Collection

The Palamedes Collection, Steel Wing , Shelf 78:
1: A box, cardboard, unopened. Though taped firmly shut, it is empty.
Estimated existence content: 16
2: A glint in the dim light – the bowl of a spoon, handle neatly sheared off, metal worn but still bright.
~EC: 15
3: An illustration in bold lines, of a broad-leafed plant. Perhaps it originates from a guidebook of some sort?
~EC: 18
4: A smooth, oblong lump of copper. Tarnish covers one end, as though the metal were home to light-green moss.
~EC: 27
5: Faded, glossy paper; a yellowed & tattered brochure of some sort. A columned building is still visible in the illustration.
~EC: 25
6: A white porcelain tile. The numbers one & five are written upon it in blue, with a decorative spiral between them.
~EC: 22
7: An iron disc, diameter approximately 15 cm. Much of the metal heavily corroded, but one edge has been scraped free of rust.
~EC: 13
8: A dull red, river-smoothed stone with a crack across its width. Small, but heavy.
~EC: 22
9: A ragged scrap of black linen, painted with a faded red letter M.
~EC: 5
10: A blue plastic box with rounded corners, indigo surface worn rough. The lid is missing; inside sits a dry & withered oak leaf.
~EC: 36
11: A wineglass, rim chipped, the sweep of its glass stem & bowl long empty.
~EC: 12


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