I’m still alive, but

…this blog isn’t really, as I’m sure you can tell. Posting regularly was actually quite a bit of work, and after a full year went by without more than two uniques on the same day, I wasn’t able to motivate myself to keep it up any longer, especially since Luminous Pretense had somehow become mostly an art blog and I’m not actually much of a visual artist.

So. The blog is dead… but death need not be the end. I promise you this, O hypothetical audience: someday… maybe even soon… Luminous Pretense shall return from it’s grave, as an undead creature like it’s creator*, stranger and more powerful than it was in life.

Beware, hypothetical readers. We shall return.


(In the meantime, some of my music can be found here.)


* Am I claiming to be undead for the purpose of humor… or is it secretly the truth? The answer to that question is ‘yes’.



Conlinguistic calligraphy


An example of one of my more recent scripts. This one is more about style and information density than ease of use, so I’m only really going to use it for decorative purposes. I think it works rather well for that, though. (It says “Luminous Pretense”, by the way. I know, using the name of my site as the example phrase is boring, but it’s what you get.)

Now that it’s winter,


I return. Updates will now be every second Wednesday, due to time shortages.

Goodby for now.

Luminous Pretense will be hibernating for the Autumn; there will likely be no new posts for the next few months. My apologies to ye all, O hypothetical audience.

Ebb in Tranquility

(Maybe wordpress isn’t quite the place to post a sound file, but) behind this link is one of my compositions, entitled Ebb in Tranquility.

pattern II